About Us

Classic Tin Toy
Established in 1988 Classic Tin Toy Co. grew out of the need for quality parts and restoration services.  We saw many great toys that needed a spare wheel or a tractor that was missing one track and from that early idea our company has grown over several decades to include  our custom workshop and parts supply business.
We now have a vast inventory of thousands of parts, our extensive inventory consists of both replica and original parts because we understand that for some collectors the original authenticity is of prime importance.  As many of you remember we began with a printed catalog and when is grew too large we were one of the first toy companies to place our catalog online.
In our workshop we can assist collectors with their hard to fix toy problems, whether it is repair to a windup mechanism, installing replacement propellers or reproducing custom parts for a toy in bad repair.  We are here to assist collectors and enthusiasts with toy advice and service.   From early antique pressed tin parts to vintage plastic parts of the 1950's to the present, we have the parts you need to fix or replace damaged or missing parts for your toys.   








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